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$14.99 - One Time Discount Only: Introducing our Lazy stick that is capable of taking any shape you want. Use it while watching movies at night, Just put it behind your neck and you are good to go. It can take any position you can imagine. The discount is availble only with our FlexStick.

Dynamically Updated
What's Included:
  • FlexStick: The package comes with our Flexible Selfie Stick that you can carry anywhere
  • 3 Different Holders: The package comes with 3 different holders for Smartphones, Digital Camera and GoPros
  • Hands on Guide: Step by step processes to help you take powerful shots with our FlexStick
  • Bluetooth Remote: The package includes a Bluetooth Remote by which you can control the stick from every angle.
50% Discount On Our Lazy Holder
Get Our Lazy Holder For $14.99 Now!

Sam J.

I Ordered FlexStick few days back and I am really loving it. I am a full time traveler and this stick has taken the place of my tripod stand and selfie stick. I must say, great product.

Brad P.

Loved it, I don't know how they came up with the idea of this stick, but I am truly loving it. Already bought 4 sticks. Would recommend everyone to have one.

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If you find any issue in the product, We'll refund your money and expense.

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